How to Use Bathmate Hydromax Correctly

After you have chosen the right size for you, the next step is the pumping process to get the results you want. Judging by the company name, ‘Bathmate’, and the product name, ‘Hydromax’, you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that this product is primarily designed for underwater use. but this pump can also be used without water but if you want to get maximum results use water with it. For maximum benefit, they recommend daily use of Bathmate in 2-3 sessions (inflation) for 5 minutes. A total of 15 minutes to finally get the size you want. After a month you should already see noticeable results. Note: Before using the pump, it is recommended to use warm water for about 5 minutes to relax your body.

Maybe some of you are still confused by this simple summary, you can see it once again using this visual guide.