In an early 2020 survey sent to more than 12,000 Bathmate customers, we asked our users what Bathmate did for them. The results are amazing. After 2 months of use, 81% of people reported longer or better erections. Of them, 70.6% reported that their erections were better and longer, while 79.4% said Bathmate had made them more confident overall. That’s not all. Some of our pumps give much better results. In fact, after 2 months, an astonishing 92.9% of HydroXtreme users reported noticeably better erections, while 80% of Hydromax users ended up better, longer, or both! That’s why we can guarantee your satisfaction or a full refund – we know you’ll see real results with Bathmate.

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“I have been using the bathmate for only two weeks, however, already I have already seen dramatic results. At first I didn’t believe that you would see immediate results, but boy was I wrong. I grew about half an inch in girth after the very first use. It will eventually fade, however, after only 2 weeks I am already noticing that the pump lasts twice as long as when I started.” “The flaccid hang after a workout, the amazing girth from pumping and its ability to warm up everything has really shocked me. So far I am loving the bathmate.” “I’ve been using the device for over a year now and have been successful. When I started I was barely 5 inches in girth and am now 6 inches in girth.” “I am actually considering to stop using the bathmate because it works too well. The past three or four times my girlfriend and I have had sex, she’s been bleeding afterwards due to my increase in girth from the device. Although she said it was “good pain”, I actually tore her a little bit :(. I love this device but will probably just use it for maintenance now rather than actively trying to get bigger.”
John Doe
35-44, 2020 Survey

Bathmate Results – Before and After

Permanent Results Erect Girth Erect Length
Start 5.5" 5.5"
2 Weeks 5.65" 5.5"
1 Month 5.75 5.6"
2 Months 6" 5.625"
The first thing I want to say about this is that this bathmate result is permanent. And immediately after using the bathmate I can now hold the pump almost 7 inches thick for most of the day. The next thing I want to point out is why I got huge profits so fast. Basically, when I first started using bathmate I was pretty new to all forms of penis enhancement. And this immediate advantage I experienced was what is known as the “starter gain” or “hyper response”. This is similar to exercise, where each new form of stimulus will startle your body into growing immediately. So if you haven’t done much penis enhancement in the past, you can expect to make immediate and similar gains as soon as I did. I’d also like to point out a few things about elongation. I’ve heard some people say that shower buddies will allow you to get 1-3 inches long in a few months. For the most part this is a bunch of crap. Yes, as the penis grows thicker it will also grow a bit longer due to the balloon effect, and there are also some advanced techniques you can use to push it longer too, however, overall the bathmate is especially the girth device. I didn’t expect to make a total of more than 1 inch from this device, Although the shaft of my penis has physically grown 0.5″ in a short period of time — my penis head has also grown bigger, which is great. My erection quality is almost the same or slightly higher, however, my erection quality is always good so there is not much room for improvement in the end. I know a lot of guys get an erection improvement just from a shower buddy so that’s something to consider as another positive possibility. Furthermore, as I mentioned earlier, my orgasmic power has also improved tremendously since using this device which is definitely a great benefit. And using a shower buddy immediately before sex also seems to increase it even more. Overall, I didn’t really know what to expect when I got this set so you can imagine I was really pleased with my shower buddy benefits.